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  • The ARSOF-Family yahoo group is established as a starting point for conversations about a spouse mentorship program for families of U.S. Army Special Operations Force...
    10 members Last activity 23 Apr, 2014
  • This club is to trade info about commando units of the world. Be it SEALs, Rangers, Green Berrets, SAS, Delta Force, GSG-9, anything. Pics, links, news, info...Or just talk about special...
    272 members Last activity 9 Jun, 2016
  • Everything you want to know a about the Elite Forces of the United States. Get all the intel on the latest developments, all latest missions, all pictures. Dedicated to all Special...
    257 members Last activity 10 Jun, 2016
  • ایل مكم یزش رایال است ن مكم یز آل تن ن باحاف ن بم زبال �ارسی كی باشد
    446 members Last activity 9 Jun, 2016
  • The COBRA concept exercises limitless imagination and transforms it into stark reality. COBRA is not just about being on the run, it is supremely about a great personal challenge, forcing you to totally focus on survival, you must have a plan, then constantly...
    224 members Last activity 10 Jun, 2016
  • I created this page for members of special forces units and nonmembers to talk about there profession and learn more about others.
    74 members Last activity 10 Jun, 2016
  • Este es el grupo de correo de los primos gomez fayren. CarmenE,Luis,Mariate,Joaq,Pepa,Carlos,MariaE,Rafa,Araceli,Antonio,Lola,Antoine,MariaG...
    30 members Last activity 11 Jan, 2014
  • 1st Group MSC is dedicated to providing top quality Predeployment Training for all branches of the United States Military. Our current membership includes...
    25 members Last activity 26 Feb, 2006
  • pinakamagagandang dormer sa balat ng lupa
    26 members Last activity 9 Oct, 2014
  • Redhead Military Coupe:Fans of Monique Desiree Taitague.
    32 members Last activity 3 Dec, 2010