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Re: the last episode

i wanta be on the show to ________________________________ From: Lily hopkinson To:
raina doshi
20 Dec, 2010

Re: the last episode

im just a random kid who wanted to be on are you smarter than a canadian 5th grader o and probably repeats To:
Lily hopkinson
9 Oct, 2010

Re: the last episode

i am not sure. i am still able to watch on fox 25. May I ask who you are? ________________________________ From: hopkinsonlily To:
raina doshi
8 Oct, 2010

the last episode

why did they decide to stop doing the show
5 Sep, 2010

Question for the fifth graders

When does the Robins come back April May June July And when do they leave and where do they go answer they fly south and the birds come
10 Apr, 2008

money winners

Hey how much did all the contestants end up making? did anybody pull in the million bucks?
18 Oct, 2007
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