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7Re: [Are_You_Smarter_Than_A_Canadian_5th_Grader] the last episode

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  • raina doshi
    20 Dec, 2010
      i wanta be on the show to

      From: Lily hopkinson <hippy.234@...>
      To: are_you_smarter_than_a_canadian_5th_grader@...
      Sent: Sat, October 9, 2010 12:37:03 PM
      Subject: RE: [Are_You_Smarter_Than_A_Canadian_5th_Grader] the last episode


      im just a random kid who wanted to be on are you smarter than a canadian 5th grader o and probably repeats

      To: Are_You_Smarter_Than_A_Canadian_5th_Grader@...
      From: rainarinki@...
      Date: Fri, 8 Oct 2010 13:24:44 -0700
      Subject: Re: [Are_You_Smarter_Than_A_Canadian_5th_Grader] the last episode

      i am not sure. i am still able to watch on fox 25. May I ask who you are?

      From: hopkinsonlily <hippy.234@...>
      To: Are_You_Smarter_Than_A_Canadian_5th_Grader@...
      Sent: Sun, September 5, 2010 11:07:42 AM
      Subject: [Are_You_Smarter_Than_A_Canadian_5th_Grader] the last episode


      why did they decide to stop doing the show

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