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1035Re: Political affiliations of North Shore Wargaming Society members

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  • robinkorea2002
    20 Sep, 2010
      Andrew, as for the statement regarding political affiliations, you'd have to talk to the guys who founded the North Shore Wargaming Society. I realise you're just trying to get my goat but if I were to venture a guess at the purpose of the statement, it's that all gamers regardless of politics are welcome as long as they check their politics at the door. We'e here to game and want to enjoy gaming in an environment free of political bias and partisanship.

      As to my being rabid, all my shots are current thank you very much :)

      I've deleted all references to politics that sprang from this thread and if anyone has a problem with that, too bad. My convention, my rules. I'm here to game and if I can do some good in the community from my convention even better.

      Rob Bottos
      Bottoscon Actual

      --- In BottosCon@..., "king_of_grilled_cheese" <andrew@...> wrote:
      > After carefully perusing the BottosCon webpage, I noticed the following statement: "The North Shore Wargaming Society is a group of gamers who do not have any political affiliations". Does this mean that the members of the North Shore Wargaming Society have closed themselves off from society, and are happy to allow others to make decisions affecting their community? Why is Rob Bottos, a rabid NDP agitator, permitted to live, much less continue to be a member?
      > Questions ... but I have no answers!
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