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1089This Hallowed Ground II - Line of Battle

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  • robinkorea2002
    22 Oct, 2010
      Guys, talked to Dean Essig and he's going to send me the material for the This Hallowed Ground playtest kit. There are currently no scenarios other than the whole battle, but the plan is to do as much of the First Day as we care to. We will be able to accomadate upwards of 4 players at any given time I think, 2 Yankees, and 2 Confederates. Players can opt in and out as their schedule allows, and we can share commands. If there is enough interest we can run this all Saturday and Sunday. Interested parties to contact me and I will send out rules to the interested parties so we're not starting cold at the convention. So far we have myself and Clay Jensen - no relation to Chad Jensen that I'm aware of.

      Rob Bottos
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