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1127Re: This Hallowed Ground II player assignments

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  • robinkorea2002
    25 Oct, 2010

      Hill's Corps - Rob Bottos
      Heth's Division - begins arriving at 8:30am - Rob Bottos
      Pender's Division - begins arriving 10:15am.

      Ewell's Corps - Clay Jensen
      Rode's Division - begins arriving 12:45pm - Clay Jensen.
      Early's Division - begins arriving 2:15pm.

      Buford's Cavalry Division - begins on map - Mark Woloshen.

      First Corps - Art Brochet
      Wadsworth - begins on map - Art Brochet.
      Robinson - begins arriving at 11:15am.
      Doubleday - begins arriving at 11:15am

      Eleventh Corps - Mark Woloshen
      Barlow - begins arriving at 11:30am.
      Von Steinwehr - begins arriging at 12:45pm
      Schurz - begins arriving 11:15am.

      So to start off we can assign players as follows:
      Archer's brigade/Heth's Division:
      Davis' brigade/Heth's Division:

      Gamble's brigade/Buford's Division:
      Devin's Brigade/Buford's Division:

      I think it's important for all the players to be present when the game
      begins,even if they're sharing a command, so that everyone can then become
      familiar with the rules and mechanics of the game.
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