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1148Re: [BottosCon] For Sale Table, do an auction too?

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  • Bill Gustafson
    31 Oct, 2010
      Hi All,

      I have some games that I was thinking of selling at some point, but am too lazy to drag them all there for an auction, or for putting on the sale table.  I'm also too lazy to list them on Ebay or CSW or BGG, and take them to the post office.  However, if anyone who will be at BottosCon (or lives within an hour of Seattle) is seriously interested in any of these games contact me, and I'll make an effort to come up with a reasonable price (Ebay completed sales!, or maybe BGG), and we can bargain.  Or make a reasonable offer.  Anyway, here's the list of possible sales:

      Avalanche Bomb Alley
      Avalon Hill Turning Point Stalingrad
      Avalon Hill Hitler's War
      Avalon Hill Bitter Woods
      DG Totaller Krieg
      Eagle Civilization the boardgame
      GMT Paths of Glory
      GMT Lost Victory
      GMT Typhoon
      GMT The Napoleanic Wars
      GMT World War II:Barbarossa to Berlin
      GMT Zero
      GMT Barbarossa Army Group North
      GMT Combat Commander: Europe
      GMT Combat Commander: Mediterranean
      GMT Combat Commander: Airborne Battle Pack 1
      MMP Monty's Gamble:Market Garden

      Why am I selling?  Pick one or more of the following:

      1) They're not my cup of tea,
      2) I'll never be able to convince local gaming opponents to play them,
      3) I'll never have time, and if I do there's a better title on the subject that I'd rather play first,
      4) I'll only play it at a con, and someone else will have a copy,
      5) they might be worth alot of money to someone. 

      Some are punched, some are not, almost all are complete (Turning Point Stalingrad, which I picked up used and punched may not be complete), if you're interested ask me about their condition, and I'll try to figure it out.


      On 10/30/2010 8:47 AM, stephen wrote:

      Hey Rob, I assume you are still going to have a For Sale table, but have you considered the idea of doing an auction as well late on Sunday? I hear auctions at cons do very well and you could then have some some percent of the returns go to your charity. Just a thought.

      pax, smn

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