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1163BottosCon 2010 attendance

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  • robinkorea2002
    5 Nov, 2010
      Guys, here is the current list of BottosCon 2010 attendees. This sign up sheet will be by the entrance with your convention badge. Upon arrival, please sign in, pick up your badge and happy gaming. You door prize ticket will be inside your badge holder. One thing I will need please, when you sign in, indicate if you are staying in the hotel and for how many nights and last but not least, if you're sharing a room, or have a room of your own. Thanks.

      Rob Bottos
      BottosCon Actual

      1. Dave Antonio
      2. Clayton Baisch
      3. Matt Barber
      4. Wayne Bonnett
      5. Rob Bottos
      6. Michel Boucher
      7. Art Brochet
      8. Mat Carter
      9. Jeff Christensen
      10. Roger Clewley
      11. Steve Cooper
      12. Bob Eubanks
      13. Wilhelm Fitzpatrick
      14. Devin Gallant
      15. Stephen Graham
      16. Bill Gustafson
      17. Bruce Hansen
      18. Clay Jensen
      19. Michael Junkin
      20. George Kelln
      21. Roger Leroux
      22. Dave Lifford
      23. Scott McConnachie
      24. Brian Moore
      25. Stephen Newberg
      26. Andrew Nick
      27. Wynn Polnicky
      28. Duncan Rice
      29. Charlie Shepperd
      30. Rick Smith
      31. Alan Snider
      32. Brian Train
      33. Mitch Wageler
      34. Michael Ward
      35. Jay White
      36. Rick White
      37. Ian Wier
      38. Mark Woloshen
      39. Colin Woo
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