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  • citizenx@islandnet.com
    10 Nov, 2010
      Bill Gustafson did it, I'll try it too.

      The following games are for sale - if you are interested, please e-mail me at ltmurnau@... no later than Friday NOON, and I will bring it with me to the con. Or we can make other arrangements.

      Magazine Wargames

      Among Nations (GPG) Cards uncut. With magazine. $8
      CA (SPI) Game only, punched, in ziplock. $20
      Flying Circus (SPI) Game only, punched. $20
      Kiev & Rostov: Battles of Army Group South, 1941 (Decision Games reissue, 1997) Game only, punched. Some markings on counters to incorporate errata. $10
      Over the Top! Mons & The Marne (Decision Games) Unpunched, with magazine. $15


      1914 (Avalon Hill) Punched. Box a bit rubbed. $20
      4000 A.D. Canadian (House of Games) edition. $5
      Across 5 Aprils (Avalon Hill) Excellent condition, unpunched. $35
      The Alamo (Decision Games reissue) Unpunched. $10
      ATZ: All Things Zombie (2 Hr Wargames) Print and play miniatures rules edition, not the Lock n'Load board game version. Covers attached upside down, otherwise fine. $10
      Battlecards: World Conflict; Pacific Theatre (DGA) $10
      Battlecards: World Conflict; Western European Theatre (DGA) $10
      Burma (GDW) Unpunched, with duplicate set of homemade counters so you never have to punch it! In ziplock. $80
      Campaign!: The American Go Game (Saalfield) Rules printed from a scan. Box corners split. $35
      Campaigns of the Civil War: Vicksburg and Chancellorsville (Decision Games) Punched, box dished. $5
      Conquistador (Avalon Hill) bookcase box version, matte counters. $15
      Death & Destruction: The Russian Front 1942-44 (XTR) Half punched. 17 counters missing (15 counters provided in D&D to replace 15 Guards units in Proud Monster in a new colour scheme that changed between the two games, and two errata counters for PM). You'd have to make do with the first 15 Guards counters in the old colour scheme, and alter the two errata counters yourself (there are specifications in the D&D rules). There are still 1,063 counters for you to enjoy though! No magazine. $30
      Fire Team (West End games) Unpunched. Box poor condition: large scar on front cover due to removal of some kind of sticker, one corner split. $12
      Firefight (SPI) Punched, in SPI flat pack. Maps and player aids laminated. Includes data handouts on then-contemporary weapons systems. $7
      Hovertank: Tactical Combat 2054-2115 (Close Simulations) Box corners and edges somewhat rubbed. Two counters missing, handmade substitutes included. Rules, charts, maps and log sheets are all in good condition. $20
      J.U.M.P. Into the Unknown (Evil Polish Bros.) Comes with both expansions: "JUMP: Genesis Die-Cast Messiahs vs. Cannibal Korp" and "JUMP: Genesis Savage Manakins vs. Micro Titans" $40
      Korsun (SPI) Folio version, punched. $15
      Last Starfighter: Duel In Space (FASA) Punched, box poor condition. $10
      Ogre Reinforcement Pack (Steve Jackson Games) 1987 edition, uncut. $20
      Pantheon: The War of the Gods (Gamesmiths) Second edition, punched. $40
      Second Russian Revolution (Roaming Panther Games) Punched, in ziplock. $5
      Shell Shock! (Victory Games) punched, slight rubbing on box edges. $20
      Sheridan's Ride (Mayfair) Punched, box battered. $10
      Sirocco (TSR) Played once. $10
      Tobruk: Tank Battles in North Africa (Avalon Hill) Pre-publication limited "Brown box" edition, numbered (#69) and signed by designer Hal Hock and artist Randy Reed. Punched but a definite collector's item! $40
      Total War (Gamesmiths) Unpunched, excellent condition. $35


      Bermuda Triangle (Hasbro) $5
      Diplomatic Mission (Family Pastimes) $5
      Dungeonville (Z-Man Games) Punched $8
      Labyrinth The Card Game (2000) $5
      Polarity (Irwin) edition in cloth bag - no box. $20


      Armor Attacks: The Tank Platoon (1991) $5
      Board And Table Games From Many Civilizations (Dover) Dover paperback edition. $5
      The War Game (EP Dutton) $5


      Brian Train