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1223BottosCon detailed report

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  • robinkorea2002
    16 Nov, 2010
      It was great to see so many familiar faces and to hear how the
      convention has become a destination event in such a short order of time. I had a
      great group of people supporting me and without them BottosCon wouldn't be what
      it is. Special thanks go out to Art Brochet, Bruce Hansen, George Kelln, and
      Brian Moore.

      Thanks also go out to Dragonflight and Jeff Newel for their financial support.

      We had some great door prizes this year. Thanks go out to the following
      conpanies and or people for their support:

      Board Game Warriors, Imperial Hobbies, Starlit Citadel, DDH Games, GMT Games,
      and Bob Eubanks.

      Mike Cordiez came out to visit on Sunday and it was really nice to chat with
      him. I let him know that quite few of the guys were able to purchase some of his
      games from Phil and that they'd all found good homes. Mike was very appreciative
      to all the inqueries he had regarding his games collection and for all the help
      we offered him to sell his collection. And just so everyone knows, Phil McQueen
      is now our guest "history" lecturer for all future Bottoscons. It seems he had a
      4 hour ordeal at the border and got passed around to 6 different screeners
      before they were satisfied he wasn't a drug smuggler or terrorist. No fines were
      levied, and no cavities were explored.

      We still have some kinks ot work out in regards to our silent auction/flea
      market table and I apologize to everyone for not doing a better job with this.
      At the end of the day we still had a sizeable donation for the local share
      society and you'll all be pleased to know that your donations will be helping
      spread the gift of literacy this holiday season to people less fortunate than

      And a general thanks go out to everyone who made the effort to come out and play
      some great games. It's for this reason that I run BottosCon. I love playing
      board games and I love that I'm able to share my hobby with all of you. So
      thanks again.

      As usual, Monster Games continue to make a regular appearance at the convention
      and this year's Monsters were none other than Line of Battle This Hallowed
      Ground II, and OCS Burma.

      Tactical WWII games continue to be popular and while the numbers were slightly
      down from last year, the ASL West Coast Rumble continues to be a popular event.
      Also returning this year was Andrew Nick's popular Up Front, or at it has now
      been named, BottosFront, tournament. Andrew went al lout for this event and even
      went so far as to make a trophy and medals for his participants. I believe Colin
      Woo was the second time champion, and the Private Smith Medal for good
      sportsmanship went to Michel Boucher. Was anyone able to get any pictures of
      these guys? Unlike previous years I wasn't such a camera nut.

      Another new addition to the convention were Kirby and Critty Krilow of Board
      Game Warriors. Kirby is mostly a Euro gamer and his table always had at least 4
      people at it playing a game at any given time. It was also great to see his wife
      Critty joining in on the games and I hope more guys will consider bringing their
      wives or girlfriends to the convention next year.

      Another returning feature was the Kicking it Old School Saturday night game by
      the Red Sash Games crew. This year's featured classic was Seelowe by SPI. I love
      how the convention is developing a broadrange appeal for both new and classic
      games, wargames, and eurogames as well.

      Bottoscon is also fast becoming a place for designers to showcase their upcoming
      projects. This year in addition to designs by Stephen Newberg and Dean Essig, we
      were also treated to new games by local designers Brian Train, Rick Smith, and
      Mark Woloshen. As long as they keep designing games, I'll keep doing my part to
      help them showcase their projects.

      Between regsistrations and walk ins we had 50 people sign up for this year's
      Bottoscon of which 47 actually came to the convention. Of the 47, all but 3 were
      full weekend attendees. We've made some new contacts in Oregon thanks to Phil
      Mcqueen and his son Logan.

      This year's door prize winners were:

      Bob Eubanks - Avalanche Press U.S. Navy: Plan Red

      Michel Boucher - Decesion Games Operation Kremlin

      Phil McQueen - COA Les Batailles de Lutzen

      Brian Train - $25.00 gift certificate Imperial Hobbies

      Andrew Nick - C3I #23

      Charlie Shepperd - a GMT game

      Logan McQueen - a GMT game

      Devin Gallant - DDH games Last Gamble

      Roger Clewley - a DDH game

      Duncan Rice - Compass Games Silent War

      Art Brochet - $25.00 gift certificate for Board Game Warriors.

      Brian Moore - x2 copies of Strategy & Tactics.

      Details are still being worked out, but expect to see us back at the Compass
      Points Inn on November 4-6, 2011, and yes Stephen, this means we get to see the
      Furbies again.