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1350Re: [BottosCon] Some Games I'd Like to Play

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  • Doug Cooley
    14 Sep, 2011

      On Sep 13, 2011, at 10:30 PM, Bryan wrote:


      Here's an initial list of games I'd like to play.

      Combat Commander - I like it all.

      ASLSK1 - I'm relatively new to ASL, and most familiar with SK1. I'd be willing to play an easy infantry only ASL scenario, or some other easy scenarios if you're willing to teach.

      Up Front - Would like to learn how to play.

      Fighting Formations

      Bryan, I'd be down with any of these. I'm very familiar with CC and FF, not so much with ASLSK (been learning it myself) and UF, although I am planning to play both of those more between now and the con. 

      Doug C
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