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1398Re: [BottosCon] BottosCon Games - Duncan / Rick D-day

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  • Duncan Rice
    17 Sep, 2011
      Rick -
      I'l resend this next month in case you don't see it in all the discussion.
      VP Games says a game of Juno takes about 50 minutes. So would an hour or two suffice?
      My preferred time would be Saturday 9am. I would need to finish by noon.
      Times that might work are
      Friday at noon - I have the Up Front section and would like to get into that as soon as possible.
      Saturday evening - This would depend on my 1pm No Retreat game finishing.
      Sunday afternoon - This would depend on my 9am ASLSK game finishing.
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      Hi Duncan,
      Yes, I'm still on for Juno. I don't have any
      of the other D-Day games, but I have the
      Waterloo 25 game of theirs. However, if you
      have the other D-Day games and would rather
      play them, I'm fine with that.

      I'll be away from email for a couple weeks.

      Talk to you all later.

      Warm regards, Rick.

      On Sun, 2011-04-09 at 14:27 -0700, Duncan Rice wrote:
      > I'm planning my BottosCon exeperience.
      > Rick Smith - Juno: The Canadian Beach
      > Juno by Victory Point Games. Are you still interested in introducing
      > me to this? Is there another of the P.K. D-Day collection you would
      > prefer to play? Which day/time would you prefer?

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