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  • robinkorea2002
    26 Sep, 2011
      Well so far I've managed to line up 4 games for this year's BottosCon.

      1. Race for Berlin - Friday night with Brain Moore.

      2. Rising Sun, Setting Sun - Saturday afternoon with Brian Moore.

      3. The Fury of Dracula - Saturday night with Michel Boucher, Anthony Santiago, Bruce Hansen, and Bryan Martin.

      3. Fortress America - Sunday morning with Clayton Baisch.

      Still looking for a game for Friday afternoon, and Saturday morning.

      Games I'd be open to:

      1. Twilight Struggle

      2. Labyrinth

      3. None But Heroes

      4. Into a Bear Trap - have had this game for a few years and would like to try it. Would prefer to play with someone who has played the game.

      5. The Pocket at Falaise - would like to try this Ted Racier game to see if I like it enough to purchase it.

      6. Into the Bastards - this is from Battles #6 and is on the 2nd Battle of Villers Brettoneux during Germany's Michael Offensive.

      7. Combat Commander - Europe, Med, or Pacific.

      8. Men of Iron - volume 1, or Infidel, or one of the stand alones from ATO.

      9. Normandy '44 - either the Cherbourg or the 7 turn Invasion scenario.
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