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  • Martin Hogan
    1 Oct, 2011
      Hello Fellow Gamers,

      Finding your group and the BottosCon has given a boost to my hopes that on moving back to Vancouver I would find fellow gamers.

      We recently moved (back) to BC from near Zurich, Switzerland - with a container full of (mostly unplayed) games. I've been gaming for over 20 years. However, the last few years were low intensity due to other priorities – family and job, mostly. Now that we're back on the Best Coast, hopefully work will be less and gaming more intensive.

      My main gaming interests are WWII (ETO) and Cold War - Land, Air and Sea. That does not mean, that I don't happily play other periods and geographies. Flying Colors (PBEM) has been a recent favourite, for example.

      Looking forward to meeting – and gaming with – you!


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