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1524Re: [BottosCon] Jay White's games for sale

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  • Jack Stalica
    17 Oct, 2011
      Hi Jay,

      If Hammer of the Scots is still available, I'll take it if Michel Boucher can bring it back to Ottawa.

      Do you think you can help me out Michel?


      From: Jay White <gogomax49@...>
      To: BottosCon@...
      Sent: Thursday, October 13, 2011 3:15:55 PM
      Subject: [BottosCon] Jay White's games for sale

      Hi all, 

      I have a load of games for sale, but I'm not driving to the convention so I don't want to bring them all. I've listed them below. If you want to buy any of the games, send me a private email and I'll bring 'em. No shipping costs! I'd be interested in selling for less if you buy more than one game. (Rob said this was okay for me to do - thanks Rob!)

      TCS – Hunters from the Sky – MMP / The Gamers 
      $20 Complete, unplayed, fantastic condition except counters punched 
      MMP – The Gamers - TCS – Objective Schmidt 
      $70 Complete, unplayed– a 10% of counters fell off counter tree, verified complete. In excellent shape. Can send photos if you’re interested. 
      NES – The Killing Ground  
      NES – Overlord 
      $180 Selling as a set. Nothing touched except shrink removed. If you think that''s too much, let me know.
      Clash of Arms – Epic of the Peloponnesian War 
      $32 Unpunched 
      Clash of Arms - Wallace’s War 
      $20 unpunched 
      Clash of Arms - Harpoon 4 
      $35 unpunched 
      Clash of Arms - Atlantic Navies 
      $70 unpunched 
      GMT Games – The Spanish Civil War 
      $28 unpunched 
      GMT Games – Clash of Giants II 
      $24 unpunched 
      GMT Games - FAB The Bulge 
      $17 – played once, in excellent condition. 
      GMT Games - Men of Iron 
      $35 unpunched 
      GMT Games - Infidel 
      $35 unpunched 
      GMT Games - Battles of the American Revolution Series  - buy them all for $100!
      * Pensacola $35 unpunched
      * Germantown $25 unpunched 
      * Monmouth $20 punched, complete, looks unplayed (I never played it, but verified all counters are there)
      * Saratoga $17 punched, complete, looks unplayed (I verified all counters there, used the rulebooks for one VASSAL game)
      * Savannah $25 unpunched.
      Columbia Games - Hammer of the Scots 
      $18 Played, complete, excellent condition 
      Flat Top 
      $28 Punched, complete. 

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