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1553Re: [BottosCon] Urban Sprawl

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  • Jay White
    22 Oct, 2011
      Ah Cripes, I was trying to stay away from Urban Sprawl because I'm afraid I'm going to buy it. 

      Would people be interested in switching the Dominant Species booking (Sat evening) with Urban Sprawl? We'd need consensus for that to happen. I'd hate to back out if people are really looking forward to that. 

      Actually, I think we might have too many DS players booked for US anyways... no time to check right now. 

      I would be into US if I could fit it in. Maybe instead of High Frontier? I dunno. Too many games!


      On Sat, Oct 22, 2011 at 9:19 AM, Doug Cooley <doug666@...> wrote:

      On Oct 21, 2011, at 10:48 PM, Art wrote:

      You guys may know that GMT has just released a new game by Chad Jensen whose credits include Combat Commander, Fighting Formations, and Dominant Species. "Urban Sprawl" isn't a war game, but the initial reviews on it have been so enthusiastic that I'm bringing a copy anyway. 

      Anyone interested in giving it a go? Crystal clear rules, cut-throat game of urban development that won't play the same way twice; 2-4 players, 45min. per player.

      I'll put it up on the database...

      I'm in, but my timeframe is a little limited - needs to be Saturday before 1pm, or anytime on Sunday. Everything else is booked up. I'd also be willing to play on Thursday evening, as I plan to arrive around the dinner hour that day. 

      I am a huge fan of Jensen's ruleswriting, not to mention his game systems. Clean and fun. BTW, my copy arrived yesterday and I'm happy to bring it along. 

      Doug C

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