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1596Re: [Bulk] [BottosCon] Fields of Fire

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  • Michel Boucher
    27 Oct, 2011
      On 27 Oct 2011 at 5:13, Art wrote:

      > It's not Up Front, though the map gets laid out with cards.
      > It's not ASL, though the 10 turn games are just as intense.
      > It's not TCS, though it has a Command and Control system that
      > amazes.
      > It is Fields of Fire, Ben Hull's solo WWII/Korea/'Nam solitaire game
      > (now with a new rulebook).
      > Jay White and I will be playing this, side by side, Friday
      > afternoon. Come check it out...

      I did a whole mission about a year and a half ago with a friend using Vassal.
      Hopefully, the new version of the rules clears up a lot of the fog we went
      through interpreting the inner workings of Ben Hull's mind ;-)

      We both ended Mission one with 27 points each. He was done by turn 9 and
      I played turn 10 by myself to finish the mission.
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