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1634Re: [BottosCon] Once More into the Breach

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  • Duncan Rice
    2 Nov, 2011
      I've already started.
      Playing a game of No Retreat! using VASSAL to help learn the rules.
      Game on!
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      Sent: Wednesday, November 02, 2011 4:08 PM
      Subject: [BottosCon] Once More into the Breach


      Ok, now that I'm calmed down and mostly composed - I have to tel lyou all that there has been a further change to our convention room location - I'm beginig to feel like Robert Redford's character in "A Bridge Too Far" when the river assault keeps getting delayed- we're back in the West Fraser Room and there will be gaming, this much I know.

      It seems the hotel was not going to be able to fit all of us -and this is in no way a reflection on some of our waistlines - into the smaller room or accomadate our table requirements.

      After letting the hotel know in no uncertain terms my displeasure, and reminding them of the monetary value of our business and mentioning the possibility of relocating next year, we have our room back along with the same layout form last year.

      Of couse the hotel has now raised our price back up the $150.00 we saved by moving to a smaller venue, but have no fear, we still have our free coffee for Saturday and Sunday, and instead of my ordering the various baked goods as a way of passing along the cost savings, consider the various baked goodies as my way of saying thank you for supporting my convention for these past 5 years.

      Can we start gaming now? Please? Can Mr. Murphy and his Law now take a hike and begone and bother someone else more deserving??

      Rob Bottos
      BottosCon Actual

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