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  • Scot
    3 Nov, 2011
      Hello all,

      This is just to say that I will be attending Bottoscon after all (Rob, your payment is in the ether). For anyone who is interested I will have with me the following:

      Across the Pacific (Pacific Rim Publishing), a fast playing game of the Pacific War designed by a professor at Washington State. If someone is really interested the entire campaign is playable in a weekend. A scenario can be played in a considerably shorter time.

      Storming the Reich (Compass Games), the campaign for Northwest Europe that is playable in a long day or two shorter sessions.

      I will also bring with me the beach landing system for Decision Games' pending Atlantic Wall, which I will start playtesting late this fall.

      To my Seattle friends, see you all bright and bushy tailed tomorrow morning at King Street Station.

      -Scot McConnachie
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