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1648Re: [BottosCon] Another Last Minute Participant

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  • gerry erith
    3 Nov, 2011
      Hi Scot,
       I'm interested in playing Storming the Reich.
      I'm likely to make it out tomorrow evening and all day Saturday if you wanted to jump in on that.
      Gerry Erith

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      From: Scot <ScotMc3@...>
      Date: Thursday, November 3, 2011 12:13 pm
      Subject: [BottosCon] Another Last Minute Participant
      To: BottosCon@...

      > Hello all,
      > This is just to say that I will be attending Bottoscon after all
      > (Rob, your payment is in the ether). For anyone who is
      > interested I will have with me the following:
      > Across the Pacific (Pacific Rim Publishing), a fast playing game
      > of the Pacific War designed by a professor at Washington State.
      > If someone is really interested the entire campaign is playable
      > in a weekend. A scenario can be played in a considerably shorter time.
      > Storming the Reich (Compass Games), the campaign for Northwest
      > Europe that is playable in a long day or two shorter sessions.
      > I will also bring with me the beach landing system for Decision
      > Games' pending Atlantic Wall, which I will start playtesting
      > late this fall.
      > To my Seattle friends, see you all bright and bushy tailed
      > tomorrow morning at King Street Station.
      > -Scot McConnachie
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