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1665BottosCon 2011 14 hours and 12 minutes to gaming goodness.

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  • robinkorea2002
    3 Nov, 2011
      Well guys, all the badges that could be printed have been printed. Everyone who told me they'd be there will find a badge. Those that didn't wont.

      Upon arrival you'll find the sign in desk.

      1. Please sign the sign in sheet and please provide me with an e-mail contact so I can update my BottosCon information.

      2. Please indicate on the sign in sheet if you are staying in the hotel, and ffor how many nights. If sharing a room please indicate. I want to show the hotel how much business our convention brings in.

      3. You will then find your name badge. Included with your name badge is your door prize ticket. Please put your name on the back of the ticket and place it in the metal tin. I will be making draws throughout the convention. If your ticket is not in there, you can't win.

      4. I'm trying to avoid having to buy badge holders each year, so please recycle your convention badge holder as your leave the convention. There will be a box to place your badge clips into, thank you.

      4. If you are bringing a donation for the foodbank/share society, please place it in the bin located by the auction/trade table on the upper level of the convention room.

      5. If you are selling/trading/ and or autioning off any games, you are responsible for placing out your game and listing any asking price. Please make sure you have needed supplies.

      6. For the fitrt time in BottosCon history, we will actually be a family event so please be aware that minors will be present. Let's make sure we show them what good gaming is and why our hobby is so great.

      7. Let's have fun, and be mindful of those around us. Check your attitude at the door and put on your best gaming face and let's make this the best BottosCon ever.

      See you all tomorrow.

      Rob Bottos
      BottosCon Actual
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