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  • Dan Owsen
    8 Nov, 2011
      I had a great time playing Up Front and ASL.  Once again I underestimated the level of preparedness that was required to compete against you sharp Canadian gamers and paid the price. I'm always happy to give players their first win (Mat!).  Both tournaments were extremely well-run and competitive.  I will try to ramp up my game for next year, fellows!
      George, the ASL door prize was a nice consolation for being ass-end Charlie, and will proudly grace my gaming dungeon once it is set up.
      Thanks also to the folks who bought games from me.  I would have liked to bring more, but we had limited cargo space.  Next year I will bring more. 
      Sorry I didn't get to check out the Red Sash games, but they did look very interesting. One of these days I will play them.
      Beyond the above, what happens in Surrey stays in Surrey!
      Thanks Rob for all your work on the con. 
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