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1737Re: [BottosCon] Federation Commander

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  • Duncan Rice
    30 Jul, 2012
      Definitely. I’ll be playing Up Front Friday probably but I only want to get in one or two games of that. I would be more interested in Federation Commander.
      God help me. I have Klingon Border and Romulan Border on the way.
      From: Rick
      Sent: Monday, July 30, 2012 12:15 PM
      Subject: [BottosCon] Federation Commander

      I am thinking of running a game of Federation Commander on Friday night at BottosCon 2012. New players are welcome if you want to give it a try. Federation Commander is a simplified version of Star Fleet Battles. In essence it is a tactical naval game.

      Anyone interested?

      I can only do this Friday night as I'm playing ASL the rest of the weekend.

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