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1784Re: [BottosCon] jay white thinkin' about games

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  • Doug Cooley
    4 Sep, 2012

      On Sep 3, 2012, at 10:46 PM, Jay White wrote:

      Is anyone interested in playing Here I Stand or Virgin Queen on Saturday at Bottoscon?

      I am very interested, but I will pass if there are people unfamiliar with the rules. Too many bad experiences with new players who took so long that we got through three turns in eight hours. Really. I'd also prefer the long version of each game, and I hear VQ really needs six to be a good experience, while HiS does credibly well with three as opposed to six. 

      Gad, I'm fussy. ;-)

      Just on the off - chance: I've always thought it would be interesting to play a wargame with a chess clock. More chaos, less perfect planning, a little bit of an extra meta-game... I think you'd have to stop for rules clarifications. I think it would be an interesting experiment. Anyone else up for trying sonething like that out? 

      Use it with HiS or VQ! ;-)

      Seriously, this is SOP with Victory in the Pacific at World Boardgaming Championships. Of course, that game has been analyzed to death, it would make for a much more fascinating experience with, say, Combat Commander. Anyway, I'm sure the tournament page for WBC would have a link to more information so you could at least see how it's being used in competitive play.

      Also, Bruce Wigdor's Wargameroom site uses a chess clock for it's Java-based games (mostly AH/GMT titles). Bruce finds a game of Paths of Glory that takes more than two hours to be painfully slow, so YMMV. 

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