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1786Re: jay white thinkin' about games

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  • revnye
    4 Sep, 2012

      Depending on how other games shake out, I would be up for:
      Here I Stand
      Virgin Queen
      Andean Abyss
      Bios Megafauna


      --- In BottosCon@..., Jay White <gogomax49@...> wrote:
      > Hi all,
      > Is anyone interested in playing Here I Stand or Virgin Queen on Saturday at
      > Bottoscon?
      > Other games I'd like to play :
      > Andean Abyss
      > Any of the GTS games (Devils Cauldron, etc)
      > Strike of the Eagle (Academy Games)
      > Bios Megafauna (Phil Eklund's latest - not for everyone...)
      > Just on the off - chance: I've always thought it would be interesting to
      > play a wargame with a chess clock. More chaos, less perfect planning, a
      > little bit of an extra meta-game... I think you'd have to stop for rules
      > clarifications. I think it would be an interesting experiment. Anyone else
      > up for trying sonething like that out?
      > --
      > www.gogomax49.com
      > http://draworbedrawn.blogspot.com/
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