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1787Re: New member/con-attendee

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  • robinkorea2002
    4 Sep, 2012
      Cavan, first of all, welcome aboard. Secondly, I've been on a CC Ancients kick lately and am trying to talk my friend Troy Chard into running a CC Ancients Epic game for Sunday at the convention. I'm always up for some Combat Commander. We need a 4th player for Conquest of Paradise for Saturday night, why don't you join us?

      Jay, thought you were getting in on the A Distant Plain playtest? Watch out for that Ralph guy, he's a shark at Here I Stand.

      --- In BottosCon@..., "cavan_patrick" <cavan_patrick@...> wrote:
      > Hi. My names Cavan. I've recently moved back to North Vancouver after a 12 year hiatus in Regina, SK. I am looking for other wargamers, or wannabes, to play with in North Vancouver, as my schedule is keeping me from making it elsewhere to play, right now. I had, in the past, gotten in a few games PBEM and via Vassal.
      > I'll also be a new first-time attendee at Bottoscon (hopefully).
      > In Regina I managed a regular gaming night so I have practical experience with Combat Commander, Unhappy King Charles, Command & Colors, Conquest of Paradise, Conflict of Heroes and Lock 'n Load's Band of Heroes series.
      > I own others but haven't had a chance to play as of yet.
      > I would be interested in aparticipating in a multiplay of Virgin Queen, but I would be a noob beyond a read of the rules). I can't think of other games right now, but I'm sure there are others, including some AH oldies, I could play. My BGG & Consim id is cpcunningham if anyone wants to look up my collection to see the kind of stuff I am interested in.
      > Hope to see you-play youo- at the con.
      > Thx
      > Cavan
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