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1789Re: [BottosCon] jay white thinkin' about games

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  • Jay White
    5 Sep, 2012
      I am very interested, but I will pass if there are people unfamiliar with the rules. Too many bad experiences with new players who took so long that we got through three turns in eight hours. Really. I'd also prefer the long version of each game, and I hear VQ really needs six to be a good experience, while HiS does credibly well with three as opposed to six. 

      I'm a new player, but I'm not a slow player. I feel exactly the same way about slow games, so I'm sure I'd be fine. 

      I like the idea of using a chess clock not to make the game hyper-competitive... I think it might help people move faster and actually be less competitive / trying to make the perfect move, because there's not enough time for that. So Combat Commander would be a good bet. Basically any game where the players have a decent grasp of the rules.

      I understand that the idea isn't for everyone, though. Most people I mention it to are turned off by the idea. 


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