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1807Re: Federation Commander Update.

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  • zebradano
    7 Sep, 2012
      Cool, Rick!

      So this means I need to get there bright and early on Friday. ;-)

      Will Up Front still be Friday night?

      Still looking for interest in these for Sat or Sun:

      Bloody April-- GMT new WW1 air game
      Ardennes 44-- Second edtion of this Bulge game
      Any Musket & Pike-- Maybe Saints in Armor will be out?
      Any GBoH, SPQR or Deluxe Alex--Anything!


      --- In BottosCon@..., "rickwcan" <rickwcan@...> wrote:
      > Federation Commander will start at 12 noon on Friday. I was counting on West Coast Rumble (ASL) being Saturday and Sunday only like last year but it looks like it's starting Friday night at 7PM this year. So I will need to finish up Federation Commander at 6PM so I can play in the West Coast Rumble at 7PM. If other players wish to continue FedCom after 6PM, I don't mind you continuing to use my stuff.
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