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1814Re: [BottosCon] Re: Federation Commander Update.

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  • Doug Cooley
    7 Sep, 2012
      I did not ever play with the actual rules, but did try it with simple rules. The game didn't really seem to work well, even with trying to use the manipular legions correctly. Simple uses fewer markers, and I still ran out of some with larger scenarios. I didn't have that much experience with the system, so I hope others chime in.


      On Sep 7, 2012, at 14:06, Dan Owsen <zebradano@...> wrote:


      Hi Duncan,
      It's a step up from something like Men of Iron/Infidel, and I'd rate it of mid-complexity for a tactical ancients game.  Of the three, I think SPQR has a bit more complexity because of the way the Roman armies work.
      There is a Simple GBOH ruleset, but I don't have it and prefer playing full rules. Plus I'm not sure if the simple rules work with SPQR off hand.  As far as I know, the simple ruleset just takes out some of the routing rules and maybe a few other things.
      Anyway, I'd like to give it a play if you're up for it.  I've played a few times (though it's been a while) and can probably get a few games in before Bottos, so I should be up on the rules.

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      How complicated is SPQR? I have a copy but it's in the shrink still. If I can learn it before the con I could offer you a game on Sunday.

      On Sep 7, 2012, zebradano <zebradano@...> wrote:
      Cool, Rick!

      So this means I need to get there bright and early on Friday. ;-)

      Will Up Front still be Friday night?

      Still looking for interest in these for Sat or Sun:

      Bloody April-- GMT new WW1 air game
      Ardennes 44-- Second edtion of this Bulge game
      Any Musket & Pike-- Maybe Saints in Armor will be out?
      Any GBoH, SPQR or Deluxe Alex--Anything!


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      > Federation Commander will start at 12 noon on Friday. I was counting on West Coast Rumble (ASL) being Saturday and Sunday only like last year but it looks like it's starting Friday night at 7PM this year. So I will need to finish up Federation Commander at 6PM so I can play in the West Coast Rumble at 7PM. If other players wish to continue FedCom after 6PM, I don't mind you continuing to use my stuff.

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