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1816Re: [BottosCon] Combat Commander

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  • Stephen Graham
    7 Sep, 2012
      On Fri Sep 7 19:25 , Doug Cooley <doug666@...> sent:

      >Have you considered an online scheduling system? Id be happy to ask the
      gamestorm folks what systems are out there at this scale. And yeah, I know that
      their systems haven't been that good, but they tend to get overwhelmed because of
      scale. Over 250 events!

      I don't think an on-line system is necessary at this scale. I'm familiar with
      both the GameStorm and Dragonflight systems and both ultimately boil down to
      humans doing the work to block out event times and requests. Rob's also pretty
      familiar with the Dragonflight system.

      Down the line, there's possibilities in Google Calendar.

      Stephen G.
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