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  • robinkorea2002
    8 Sep, 2012
      Doug, right now things are pretty simple and manageable. People can add their games to the database and as I get closer to convention I firm up the schedule and do the table assignments. Stephen is right regarding Dragonflight. Even with their online event registration, it still comes down to a real person going through all the submissions and figuring out how to arrange all the games in the space available. I originally considered just letting people grab tables as they arrived but it offended my need for order and I wanted to have something that prospective attendees could look at to see if something caught their eye. While my present system is a tad arcane, I think it does a good job of showing what will be played at the convention.


      --- In BottosCon@..., Stephen Graham <graham1@...> wrote:
      > On Fri Sep 7 19:25 , Doug Cooley <doug666@...> sent:
      > >Have you considered an online scheduling system? Id be happy to ask the
      > gamestorm folks what systems are out there at this scale. And yeah, I know that
      > their systems haven't been that good, but they tend to get overwhelmed because of
      > scale. Over 250 events!
      > I don't think an on-line system is necessary at this scale. I'm familiar with
      > both the GameStorm and Dragonflight systems and both ultimately boil down to
      > humans doing the work to block out event times and requests. Rob's also pretty
      > familiar with the Dragonflight system.
      > Down the line, there's possibilities in Google Calendar.
      > Stephen G.
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