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1845Looking for games Sat/Sun at Bottoscon

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  • mn_carter
    11 Sep, 2012
      I'll be playing Federation Commander and UpFront on Friday.

      And I'm looking to play 2 of the following, 1 on Saturday and 1 on Sunday (obviously we'd have more time Saturday for a longer game)

      Napoleons Triumph
      EastFront 2 (or WestFront 2)
      Paths of Glory
      Breakout Normandy
      Barbarossa to Berlin

      I'd also consider

      Third World War
      Deluxe Bitter Woods
      Afrika 2
      Ardennes 44
      Normandy 44
      Fire in the Sky

      Also looking for a quick game or two Saturday evening, one of the following:

      Twilight Struggle
      Rome vs Carthage
      Conflict of Heroes
      Warriors of God
      Julius Ceaser
      Hammer of the Scots
      Richard III
      Command and Colors Ancients/Napolenonics

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