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1908Re: [BottosCon] Federation Commander.

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  • Jay White
    18 Sep, 2012
      A big fleet battle (two teams) would be pretty cool... I'm up for anything though. 

      I'll play any race.


      On Tue, Sep 18, 2012 at 3:28 PM, Rick <rickwcan@...> wrote:

      For those interested in Federation Commander. Please indicate which race you like to play and whether you prefer a large fleet battle or a circle of death free for all. I have all the modules so all races are available. No miniatures though.

      Those who have not played Fed Comm let me know I can send you an intro rules set and make sure you are paired with a more experienced player who can guide you through the mechanics. It's not very difficult.

      Rob looks like I'll need at least 6x4 table for Fed Comm.

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