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1954Re: Strike of the Eagle and God Kings

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  • rulesjd17
    30 Sep, 2012
      We have one player space open for Strike of the Eagle Friday night from 6PM on. This is the 1920's Soviet/Polish War. It has blocks for units, cards for events, combat mods, reinforcements and hidden order tokens reminiscent of Game of Thrones.

      Any takers?


      --- In BottosCon@..., "rulesjd17" <rulesjd17@...> wrote:
      > Rob,
      > Can I get table space for these two games? They are both 4 player games.
      > I'd like to set up Strike of the Eagle for Friday evening from 6PM-12PM. (We may need to finish early Sat). God Kings would run Saturday from 6PM-12PM (May need to conclude early Sun.)
      > For now players are SOE: Les Marshall, Jonathan Dowd-Gailey, James Webb. God Kings: Les Marshall, Jonathan Dowd-Gailey, Ralph Shelton and James Webb.
      > Les
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