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1966Non-Wargame Requests?

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  • Dream1680
    4 Oct, 2012
      Hi guys;

      Tao from Starlit Citadel here. We have a table and will be bringing along some non-wargaming options. Wanted to see if there were any special requests.

      Right now, games to bring include:
      - Revolution
      - Ora & Labora
      - 7 Wonders
      - Dungeon Petz
      - Mage Knight
      - Mage Wars (if I can get the rules read in time)
      - Descent: Journey into the Dark (2nd Ed)
      - Ghost Stories
      - Pandemic
      - Tanto Cuore

      Other random options that might be fun
      - Zombie State : Diplomacy of the Dead
      - Belfort

      Not all games will be brought / played on all 3 days, so let me know when you'd want to play them too. All the above in the games to bring right now I can play and I'm scheduled for Friday. Troy's on Saturday and Kaja's on Sunday I believe.

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