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1990BT Games for Sale

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  • citizenx@islandnet.com
    11 Oct, 2012
      Thanks Rob, for making table space available for a game flea market.
      I have some items for sale, please indicate your interest (brian.train(at)gmail.com) and I will bring them along:

      1940/ Battle of the Alma Japanese Command Magazine #38 version, unpunched. No English rules. $25

      4000 A.D. Waddingtons Canadian bilingual edition. $15

      Aigle foudroyé (Vae Victis magazine) uncut. $10

      The Alamo Decision Games edition, in shrink. $10

      Alien Invasion USA Has been played. $15

      Among Nations (Gamefix) Cards uncut. $5

      Armor Attacks: The Tank Platoon Choose-your-own-doom book. $2

      Battlecards: World Conflict; Western European Campaign; Starter Set $5

      Battleships in Action (Lost Battalion) Uncut. With tiny dice, if you want. $5

      Bermuda Triangle (Milton Bradley) $10

      Board And Table Games From Many Civilizations (1960) Dover paperback edition. $4

      Bombs Away (Gamefix) Gamefix magazine edition, uncut. $5

      Brutes Fantasy Microgame (2009) skinny "free" version. FREE.

      Cabinet Minister Game on Canadian politics. $5

      Campaign!: The American Go Game (Saalfield 1961) Rules printed from a scan. Box corners split. An unusual item. $30

      Campaigns of the Civil War: Vicksburg and Chancellorsville (3W) Punched, box dished.

      Carcassonne (Rio Grande) Punched. $8

      Cerberus: The Proxima Centauri Campaign (Task Force Games 1979) Punched. $10

      Champs de bataille : Asie (Vae Victis 2003) Uncut.

      City States of Arklyrell (Task Force games 1983) Unpunched $8

      Civil War in the Far West: The New Mexico Campaign, 1862 (Decision Games 2008) unpunched $20

      Combat Command (SPI 1971) Punched, game only, includes second set of handmade hand-drawn counters. In ziplock. $20

      Combined Arms (SPI 1973) Game only, punched. $20

      The Complete Book of Wargames (1980) Paperback, Fireside edition, good condition. $10

      The Complete Wargames Handbook (1980) Revised edition (the one with the hand on the cover) $10

      Crisis: 2000 (Gamefix 1994) Unpunched. $15

      Daring Eagle (2003) $5

      Destruction of Army Group Center (SPI 1973) S&T edition, game only, punched. Includes two variants and some homemade counters for one of the variants. $15

      Devil Bunny Hates the Earth (2001) First edition, in envelope. $3

      Devil Bunny Needs a Ham (1998) First edition, in envelope. $3

      E.T.I.: Estimated Time to Invasion (2008) Punched. $20

      Earth Game (Family Pastimes 1979) $5

      Firefight (1991) Minatures rules. Alternative Armies edition, complete, some corner rubbing. $5

      Flying Circus (SPI 1972) Game only, punched. $25

      Galactix (Origineering 1974) Good condition, one split corner on box, has been played. $8

      Gammarauders (TSR 1987) Punched. Some highlighting and slight stains in rulebook. $15

      A Gamut of Games (1969) Original 1969 Random House edition, hardcover. Dust jacket torn along edges, book itself is good. $10

      The Gauntlet (TSR 1990) Comic book featuring small game by Tom Wham. Uncut. $15

      The Haunting House (Twilight Creations 2004) Good condition. Complete, some rubbing on box corners. $3

      Hero: Immortal King: The Den of Dementia (2007) $5

      Infinity (Gamut of Games 1974) Second edition copy in overall acceptable condition. No box. Rules heavily highlighted. $20

      J.U.M.P. Into the Unknown (Evil Polish Brothers 1999) Comes with both expansions (JUMP: Genesis Die-Cast Messiahs vs. Cannibal Korp (2001) and JUMP: Genesis Savage Manakins vs. Micro Titans (2001) ) $30

      Keren 1941 (Decision Games 2012) Unpunched. $20

      Kimbo (1960) Parker Brothers edition, complete. Split corners on box. $15

      Knights and Magick (Heritage 1980) Poor condition. No box, booklet covers frayed and detached. Has the four main booklets (Monster Index, Adventures, Scenarios & Campaigns, Recruiting and Preparing Armies, Game Rules and Systems) but is missing the ancillary materials (Magick Spells Index, Questionnaire, Summary Sheet, Introductory Book). $20

      Man at War: The Game of Crisis and Conflict (Warbelle) Difficult military trivia game. Box dinged. $5

      Manchu (3W 1988) Game only, unpunched $8

      The Marne: Home Before the Leaves Fall (SPI 1972) Punched, in flatpack, map colourized and marked up, errata and clarifications added, rules highlighted and annotated with errata, homemade player aid cards, and homemade "map extension for original German plan." $30

      New Rules for Classic Games (1992) Wiley paperback edition. $10

      Ostkrieg: Armoured Warfare on the East Front, 1944-45 (SGP 1980) Punched. Box has been flattened. $20

      Pantheon: The War of the Gods (Gamesmiths 1992) Second edition, punched. $30

      Panzer Grenadier (Avalanche 1998) Partly punched. $20

      Ploy (3M 1970) $10

      Polarity (1986) Irwin edition in cloth bag - no box. Missing 17 magnets. $15

      Rat Splatter (2001) FREE
      White Trash Roundup FREE

      Redline Korea (Gamefix 1995) Punched. $8

      Reich: The Iron Dream of German Unification (Chaosium 1979) Punched. $20

      Risk: Balance of Power (2008) $8

      Rulettes for 16th Century Naval Warfare (Wargames Research Group 1978) $5

      The Santiago Campaign, 1898 (Decision Games 2009) Red Dragon Rising expansion counters have been removed; remainder unpunched. With magazine. $15

      Second Russian Revolution (1990) Punched, in ziplock. $10

      Situation 4 (1968) Two split corners on box, repaired with tape. Otherwise good condition. $10

      Starship Troopers (Avalon Hill 1976) punched, box slightly dished, some scuffs $8

      Start Your Own Riot! (2002) Card game in a tin. $4

      Stratego (1947) Milton Bradley Nostalgia Games edition, in wooden box. Rules replaced by BGG printout, otherwise like-new condition. $10

      Strategy I (1971) No cover sheet. Rules book worn and rebound with masking tape. One scenario sheet separated at fold. NO COUNTERS. $25

      Tactica Medieval (1992) Miniatures rules. Some wear. $5

      Tito (1980) Punched (yes, I played it!) $6

      Untrivia (Family Pastimes 1985) $5

      Vector (1970) Plan B edition. Some box wear. $5

      When Lions Sailed (Decision Games 2011) Unpunched with magazine $20

      Yin Yang (Family Pastimes 1983) $5

      Zen Blocks (Family Pastimes 1972) First edition, 1972, in brown cardboard box. $5


      Brian Train
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