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2001Re: First time attendees

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  • andrewlawsvancouver
    12 Oct, 2012
      I'm Andrew Laws, first-time attendee. I'm British, moved to Canada in 2009 where I fell in with a bad crowd who pushed stuff like Dominion and Roll Through the Ages on me in our lunch hours. Discovered Combat Commander in Mid-2010 and haven't really looked back.

      Since then I've gotten into CDG's and dabbled in hex-counter-CRT but find the admin/thrill ratio to be a little high for my tastes. This summer I designed a new battlepack for Combat Commander, which will hopefully be up on P500 before the convention starts. Other than that really excited to play some more of the COIN system and Gunslinger.

      I too will have a bunch of games for sale.

      Laws out.

      Ps. Despite being British I have a beautiful set of teeth; like a row of ivory gravestones, all polished and perfectly aligned.
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