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2002Fw: October 12 Update from GMT: New P500s and More!

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  • Jeffrey Newell
    12 Oct, 2012
      Congrats Ralph Shelton on another Game that you have developed going on GMT's P500 list!
      Guys, I have only played 2 scenarios, but its a lot of fun.  Especailly the cannons!
      Jeffrey Newell
      206 409 6782

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      Subject: October 12 Update from GMT: New P500s and More!
      October 12, 2012 Update from GMT Games
       Shipping Now!!
      CoR Cover 
      Andean Abyss Cover 
      Bloody April Cover
      Panzer Cover
      Panzer Exp 1 Cover 
      Panzer Exp #2 Cover 
      DS Cards Cover 
      Ardennes Cover
      Reds Cover
      RW Preview
      NW Korea Cover
      DS Cover 
      3rd Printing w/ New Art!
      1989 Cover
      VQ Cover 
       Bomber Command Cover
      CCA Cover
      SE Cover
       FF Cover
      Quick Links...
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      Hi guys!
      Here are a few quick news updates and reminders before we get to the New P500 games: 
      1. A New Game Ships! As I noted on our Facebook page and on Consimworld earlier today, we are now shipping all P500 copies of Crown of Roses, and should be finished shipping by this coming Monday.
      Then we'll reconfigure the warehouse for the GMT Weekend (happening next Thursday through Sunday, the 18th-21st) and prepare to goof off and play games for a few days with a bunch of our friends! Once we've reset the warehouse again after the event, we'll start building, packing, and shipping again and get the distributor copies of Crown of Roses out the door.
       2. On the Electronic Games front, Dominant Species for iPad has been submitted to Apple! That's right, we uploaded our first iPad app to Apple this past Sunday.
      The folks at Apple tell us it'll be somewhere in the 2-4 week timeframe for it to go live on the App Store, though some of our friends at other companies tell us it's more like 1-2 weeks. So SOMETIME soon, you'll be able to play Dominant Species on your iPad. Apple says we'll know about a day in advance before it is going live on the App store, so will will post on our Dominant Species for iPad Facebook page and on our website once we know an exact date.
      The app price is $4.99 and the gameplay is the same as the boardgame (but MUCH faster - we are regularly completing 6 player games against the AI and local human players in 45 minutes or so, and you can SAVE at any point and pick up later), so hopefully we've created something here that is not very expensive but will give you guys MANY hours of fun and skill practice with Dominant Species.
       3. GMT Fall Sale: Quite a few of you have asked about our Fall Sale. It IS coming, just not until after we finish with the GMT Weekend (My name would be "MUD" with the office ladies if I ran a sale during the GMT Weekend). So look for it late this month, and be prepared to order pretty quickly, as it'll probably only last for 2-3 weeks (so the office/warehouse folks can still have time to build and ship all of those new November games after the sale is finished).
      4. Live Demos: I want to remind you guys again that  Joel Toppen offers ongoing game demos using Vassal and our GMT Ventrilo server. If you'd like to join us for these "learn the game" sessions, see our Ventrilo Voice Server page for a schedule and more details. Joel also often makes these sessions available as video archives on YouTube, so you can experience them at your convenience.  Enjoy! 
      5. Review Links at Left: Just a quick reminder about the Review Link feature within each update. If you'll check the left column of this Update (if you are receiving this via e-mail), there are a bunch of game box images for our recently-released games. Underneath each game box, you'll find links to a variety of recent third-party reviews of that product. Just click the link to see the review. For those of you who are looking for more information about our games or would like to see more gamer evaluation of  them, we hope you find these links helpful.
      Here's a quick TOC of what you'll find in the rest of today's update:
      - New P500 Additions!
      - Recent P500 Links
      - Charging/Shipping Update
      - Tentative Production Schedule
      - GMT Weekend Update
      - New Best-Seller Sections on our Website
      - New Game Support, Vassal/BC, and Sneak Peek Files
      Thanks, guys, as always, for your support of GMT!
      Enjoy the games!

      New P500 Additions!!!!

      These items are now avaiable for Pre-Order on the GMT Website, Just click one of the banners below to go to the P500 page for each respective product. You'll find lots more information and ordering details there.
      Blood and Roses Banner 1 
      Here's Volume III in Richard Berg's fast-playing tactical Men of Iron series, Blood & Roses, covering SEVEN battles from the War of the Roses. Lots of play for your gaming dollar in this one.
      Churchill Banner 1  
      It's been a while since we've seen a new design from Mark Herman, and we're excited! As we've come to expect from Mark, he's brought a completely new system and perspective to a familiar topic - this time it's World War II in Europe. Game play is tense and replayability is huge. Churchill  is going to be a lot of fun.
      C3i 26 Banner 1 
      The newest issue of C3i will be the biggest issue to date, with 64 full-color pages, a stand-alone mini-game, a full counter sheet, and plenty of extras for a variety of GMT games.

      Recent P500 Additions

      We also want to thank you guys for your support of our recent P500 additions. 1914, Combat Commander BP #5: Fall of the West, Cactus Air Force, and the Twilight Struggle Computer Game have already Made the Cut, and several others are rising quickly on the list! Thanks for your support! If you haven't ordered any of the recent additions or just want more info, click the banners below to go to each game's P500 page for more information and ordering.
      Panzer Expansion #3 Banner 1 
       247 Orders to Date 
      Norway PQ17 Banner 
       165 Orders to Date
      Triumph and Tragedy Banner 1 
      162 Orders to Date
      CC BP5 Banner 1 
       726 Orders to Date !
      Golan '73 FAB Banner 1 
      261 Orders to Date
      ADP Banner 1 
      488 Orders to Date

      1914 Oao Banner #1 
      520 Orders to Date