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2005Re: [BottosCon] First time attendee

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  • Cavan Cunningham
    12 Oct, 2012
      For sure Jay. 

      Sent from Cavan's phone.

      On 2012-10-12, at 5:45 PM, Jay White <gogomax49@...> wrote:


      Hey Cavan,

      I live on Bowen Island, not too far from North Van. Lets make sure to talk at the convention about possibly meeting up to play sometimes ...


      On Friday, October 12, 2012, cavan_patrick <cavan_patrick@...> wrote:
      > Hi, my name is Cavan Cunningham.
      > I just back into the war gaming hobby about a year and half ago, while living in Regina, SK. Before that, it I played a few of the Avalon Hill classics, so getting back into the hobby after an absence of couple of decades was a real eye opener as to how the mechanics & systems have evolved, like card-driven games. I had a good teacher in Ian Schofield though, if you can call 30-something losses to 1 win (C&C Nappy) a good education. I think Ian would give me a fair reference as a playing partner.
      > I've played on Vassal too, which has given me more opportunities when life trounces ftf gaming.
      > I've recently moved back to North Vancouver and look forward to making some gaming connections at Rob's con here in the lower mainland ( I haven't managed 1 game since leaving Regina!)
      > I've would say I'm confident playing Combat Commander, Conflicts of Heroes, Fighting Formations, Unhappy King Charles, Twilight Struggle & 1989...I like Lock n Load's series of games but I take a round or two to warm up to the sequence of play - I have Band of Heroes & Forgotten Heroes.
      > Labyrinth I've played solo & PBEM...same with POG. I was in a couple of games of Battle for Normandy, but they got trumped by life events. I like Mark Simonitch's games (have Ardennes & Normandy) and the SCS games. Most eras and mechanics interest me except space games although I'm toying with getting into the Star Wars X-Wing mini as a way of enticing my kid.
      > Saturday I be there at night to play test A Distant Plain & Sunday AM is committed to Andean Abyss but Friday is going to be a toss up between joining the Conflict of Heroes table or bringing a Lock n Load game to put on the table if there is an interest.
      > Look forward to seeing you all.


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