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2006Saturday Evening Light

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  • Duncan Rice
    14 Oct, 2012
      Here’s some games I might be willing to play Saturday evening. They are fairly short. I haven’t played any of the VPG stuff but am willing to teach the ASLSK stuff. Drop a line if you are interested in one.
      Advanced Squad Leader Starter Kit #1 or #2
      VPG stuff – The rules are available online. Rules can be read in half an hour and the games can be played in an hour. I have others but these are the ones I would prefer playing.
      The Drive on Metz
      D-Day – Sword and Gold: The British Beaches
      D-Day – Juno: The Canadian Beach
      D-Day – Omaha: The American Beaches
      Operation Veritable: The Battle For The Reichswald
      Market Garden: Arnhem Bridge
      Market Garden: Eindhoven Bridge
      Market Garden: Nijmegen Bridge
      Duncan Rice