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2057Re: Games looking for players

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  • king_of_grilled_cheese
    29 Oct, 2012
      I will bring the game and set it up on Friday, so we need the space on Friday, if possible. Then we'll be ready to rock and roll right off the bat on Saturday morning.

      One nice thing: there should be some players experienced in 7 Ages in attendance at BottosCon who won't necessarily be playing, so that'll be a good resource (I'm thinking about Rick White, specifically ... ).


      Andrew Nick
      Devin Gallant
      Mat Carter

      Anyone else?


      --- In BottosCon@..., "mn_carter" <matwith1t@...> wrote:
      > Saturday 9am to 7pm: We have 3 players confirmed for 7 Ages; the game supports upto 7 players
      > Saturday 7pm onwards: We have 3 players confirmed for Eclipse (that's the space game not the sparkly vampire game); the game supports upto 6 players (we'd likely get 2 games in)
      > Cheers
      > Mat
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