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2089Re: Saturday evening and Sunday.

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  • robinkorea2002
    31 Oct, 2012
      Duncan, I have the original Dungeonquest and the expansions and could bring them for Sunday if there is interest.

      --- In BottosCon@..., "Duncan Rice" <duncanr@...> wrote:
      > Here are some games I might be willing to play Saturday after dinner (until about 9pm â€" I need my beauty sleep) or Sunday morning. Most of these games I would need to refresh the rules in my head. Some of them I haven’t played for ten or fifteen years. Many I have never played.
      > Yom Kippur by MMP â€" This would need to be started Saturday evening and played through Sunday. The rules are available online.
      > Panzer Blitz â€" Yup, the old Avalon Hill game. Not my first choice but nice nostalgia.
      > Desert War by Worthington Games â€" I have never played it but it looks simple enough.
      > Anzio/Cassino by Worthington Games â€" Another one that I haven’t played but looks simple. It’s very unbalanced but I don’t care much about that.
      > Rommel in the Desert by Columbia Games â€" Would probably need to be started Saturday evening and played through Sunday. The rules are available online.
      > Tac Air by Avalon Hill â€" The short scenario took about four hours last time I played it.
      > Advanced Squad Leader Starter Kit by MMP â€" #1 or #2 would be preferred. I can play #3 after reading the rules. I can teach #1 (infantry) if needed.
      > Ogre/G.E.V. by Steve Jackson Games â€" I have the old VCR box version with Shockwave.
      > A whole stack of Victory Point Games. These are quite small. The maps are about 11”x 17” and very few counters are in play. The rules are short and available online. The games can likely be played in an hour or so depending on table chat and coffee runs.
      > I haven’t played any of them and need to read the rules myself.
      > Danube 20
      > Franco Prussian War 40
      > Luethen: Drums and Muskets Vol 1.
      > Paul Koenig’s D-Day: The American Beaches, or The British Beaches, or The Canadian Beach
      > Paul Koenig’s Market Garden: Arnhem Bridge, or Eindhoven Bridge, or Nijmegan Bridge
      > The Drive on Metz
      > If there is interest in multiplayer I could bring
      > Dungeonquest by FFG â€" The new 3rd edition.
      > Talisman by FFG â€" With a number of expansions. It would probably need to be started Saturday evening and run through Sunday.
      > Munchkin by Steve Jackson Games â€" Just the first set.
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