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2095Re: First time attendees

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  • robinkorea2002
    1 Nov, 2012
      Morgan, everyone is welcome at BottosCon - even wives :) Starlit Citadel has had to bow out for Friday night, so maybe you can take their table for FRiday and if anyone wants to play some non-wargames, you can help out? As long as games get played, I'm a happy camper - even better if they are wargames :)

      --- In BottosCon@..., "Morgan" <morgan.fells@...> wrote:
      > Well this is a little late, but this is (sorta) my first year as an attendee and I will be bringing my wife (GASP!) because she loves games as much as me (DOUBLE GASP!).
      > We mostly play Euro games, but I am sure we would be up for some of the 'lighter' war games that exist. I have no experience in this regard so if anyone has a good 'gateway' they would be willing to teach, that would be super!
      > We will also be bringing a few games from our own collection
      > 7 Wonders
      > RuneWars
      > Civilization
      > Settlers of America
      > Fury of Dracula
      > Pandemic (w/expansion)
      > Mansions of Madness (w/ expansion + bgg contributions that make the game more playable)
      > If anyone is interested in learning any of these games, we are willing to teach.
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