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2215new member...games at BC2013?

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  • talonz51
    12 Aug, 2013
      Stumbled onto this con via a google search. Im in victoria and looking for more wargame/r s. Curious about making it over this november....

      Im very interested in wings of glory, sign me up. Xwing as well, sure thing. Im mostly interested in trying new games or getting games setup I cant find players for on a regular basis. WW2 is my latest kick again, so would dearly love to try europe engulfed if someone had that. Barring that, any version of axis and allies could do in a pinch, and Im actually in the process of writing my own house rules and thinking of printing a map for it. I like the simplicity of the system but feel it could do with more realism and history and simul play while still keeping things streamlined.

      I never get to play republic of rome or east front either, would love to have an old hand show me those games (again, in the case of ROR).

      Could always bring Fire & Axe or In the Shadow of the Emperor, my 2 favorite warro games I know pretty well to demo.

      Basically, would like to hear of what games will be offered and played?

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