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222BottosCon aka Canadian Content

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  • Rob
    23 Apr, 2008
      Thought I'd send out an update on this year's convention. First as
      you may have noticed the name has been changed. I have bowed to
      popular demand, thanks Mr. Nick, and changed the name to Bottoscon.
      We may change this name sometime down the line but for this year,
      BottosCon it is and I guess that makes me BottosCon Actual for those
      of you that follow Battlestar Galactica.

      Secondly, we will be changing locations for this years Convention. We
      are in prelimnary discussions with a new hotel and once we have
      worked out the details we'll announce the new location. You may be
      asking why we are changing locations. There are a few reasons, first,
      if our convention is to grow, we will need a space larger than what
      the Best Western can provide. Secondly, the dates we needed were
      fully booked and I got the distinct impression that the hotel didn't
      really want our business. The new location we are talking to is eager
      for our business and understands what we as gamers need. So stay

      This year's dates are Friday November 7 - Sunday November 9th, 2008.
      This year's convention will look to expand on wargaming but will also
      look to include some Euro's and possibly a Diplomacy and or an ASL

      Also being discussed is a Standard Combat Series marathon/tournament.
      I'll be running Combat Commander again and you can expect to see
      Combat Commander Pacific as well. Last Year Art Brochet ran OCS Case
      Blue as our main monster game and I'm sure Art will do something
      similar this year. Who knows, maybe Gerry's The Devil's Cauldron will
      have finally shown up and make an appearance. Stay tuned for more

      Last year we had several gaming personalities, Stephen Newberg,
      Michael Resch, and Mark Woloshen to name a few and hopefully this
      year's convention we will be graced with their presence again.

      If you know of any otherway we can grow our numbers and keep costs
      down please get in contact with me. I'll be talking up our Con. at
      this year's GMT West and Dragonflight and I'm confident we can grow
      our numbers and make this years convention even better than last

      Take care and keep in contact.
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