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223Re: BottosCon and Diplomacy

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  • edibirsan
    3 May, 2008
      Andrew Nick sent out a notice about something to be called the World Diplomacy Federation
      and having its Annual International Championship at BottosCon.

      The Diplomacy hobby has a rather long (50 years almost) history of gaming and support for
      cons everywhere.

      In fact we held the official World Diplomacy Championship in VANCOUVER last August.
      If you had shown up and given a presentation it might help to make things easier for your
      own development of a con in Victoria.

      If you are going to have a Diplomacy event at your new con we would like to help.

      We can arrange for contacts of people in Vancouver, in Victoria, in Seattle and elsewhere that
      may help get things organized and help you on the Rah Rah part of running an event.

      Please advise
      Edi Birsan
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