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2233RE: [BottosCon] Want to play

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  • Andrew Nick
    15 Aug, 2013

      Bottosconners ... ?  Seriously ... ?
      Rob wants us all called "ROBOTTS".  Hey, not MY rules ...
      Every year, I encourage 501 DYO play by awarding extra points to those who bring their own squads.  I know Anthony Santiago is working on some kinda maniac juggernaut squad as we speak.
      I want to play M:TG.  Haven't played in years, but have tried to keep up by buying a coupla boosters or boxes (not boxes of boosters, but those small boxes with a few boosters, land, ready-to-play things ... ) from each new expansion.  Would be interested in some sealed deck action (with ante, always--the way M:TG was MEANT to be played ... OLD SKOOL, muthafucka!), but what is this "cube draft" you speak of ... ?
      Wow, CCGs this year, what's next, Rob ... ?  LARPING at BottosCon ... ?!!
      Thine own will be done, ROBOTtos!


      Andrew Nick

      All your base are belong to us


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      Hey Bottosconners,

      I'll be stepping up my game this year, and here's what I'm looking to play:

      Up Front (Andrew--it's 501 DYO this year, right?)
      France '40 (It's not out yet, but I know I'll want to play it)
      Musket & Pike
      Magic: the Gathering (pick up games, or cube draft, anyone?)

      Also, anyone want any of my games? If you are interested, I can bring some to trade, put in swap meet, etc.


      See you all there.

      Dan O.

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