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2245Conflict of Heroes

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  • David Sullivan
    18 Aug, 2013
      Is there much interest in playing Academy Games' Conflict of Heroes at Bottoscon? I'm not holding my breath for the Guadalcanal game to appear before November, but I've got the first three games in the series, plus all the extras.

      I haven't registered or booked a hotel room yet, but I'm abut 90% certain I'll go (my first time) and I'm lining up what I'd like to play: 

      -  Lock 'n' Load's World at War series

      - Lock 'n' Load's Nations at War series (the Desert Heat extension is due out this month!)

      - GMT's Musket & Pike (Saints in Armor, Nothing Gained but Glory)

      - GMT's Men of iron series

      - GMT's GBoH (Chariots of Fire)

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