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2260Re: [BottosCon] Re: GBoH at Bottoscon?

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  • David Sullivan
    23 Aug, 2013
      Saturday morning sounds good to me.

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      On Aug 23, 2013, at 3:30 PM, "Wilhelm" <rafial@...> wrote:


      --- In BottosCon@..., David Sullivan <ds.sullivan@...> wrote:
      > Is anyone interested in playing any of GMTs Great Battles of History models
      > at Bottoscon? I recently got Chariots of Fire and Chandragupta and am
      > looking for some play time.

      I've long wanted to try out the system, and I own Devil's Horsemen, Chariots of Fire, and Chandragupta. I'd be most in favor of either DH or CoF, as the command system in Chandragupta intimidates me. :P

      How does Saturday morning sound?

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