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2274Tactical Combat System teasers

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  • Art
    5 Sep, 2013
      Some of you may remember the 2008 TCS game of Leros; many guys commented they owned a title or three, and had always wanted to learn the system, but...

      Well, we're up to 4 players for Canadian Crucible and I'm looking to tempt more into the fun.

      For those of you curious about the TCS, I invite you to look at the pdfs I've uploaded to the Files area with my version of the rules and tables. It mostly cleans up the organization and language, and makes it easier for new players to "get" the command and control system - the heart of the TCS.

      So take a few minutes and take a look at the pdfs - particularly the Introduction, Notes and the tables. If that sparks your interest, I'll be happy to get you up to speed over the course of the Con.

      And did I mention this particular game features Canadians killing the SS?